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Get 10% Off Child Care at Teddy Bear Corner Child Care.

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We're always looking for ways to save on expenses and what could be better than saving on child care!

We've teamed up with Teddy Bear Corner Child Care  in Hamilton Hill, WA to give our customers 10% off Long Day Care or Out Of School Care for the month of March and April 2017. All you have to do is show your order confirmation e-mail at the front desk. (see terms)

Teddy Bear Corner Child Care are inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach to education. 

We believe that by focusing on children’s strengths we can build their confidence and faith in themselves, enabling them to pursue, persevere and succeed in their goals and in their challenges. These dispositions, developed at a young age will last and assist them throughout their schooling years, resulting in happy, confident, and contributing members of society. Our Educators take an active role in supporting children to make choices, to access resources and to extend and explore their ideas. We provide each child with the opportunity to develop genuine and trusting relationships to allow them to feel accepted and valued within their social communities.

Call the team at Teddy Bear Child Care or pop in today!

08 93373538

78 Winterfold Road

Hamilton Hill WA

Terms and conditions: Get 10% off the cost of long day care or out of school care for the month of March and April 2017. 10% Off expires on Midnight April 31st 2017. This offer can only be claimed once per child. You must show your order confirmation E-mail to claim. 


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