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Bowling Sets  

Bowling is a fun physical activity for you and your child to play together, in a group or as a party game.

Physical Benefits

Bowling offers a wide variety of health and developmental benefits as well as impoving hand-eye co-ordination and stength. Teach your child how to roll the ball smoothly along the ground rathen than throwing it. You can also teach them about basic physics princials, show them that the harder they roll the ball the farther it can travel. 

Emotional and Mental

Build up your childs confidence and self esteem. When they knock pins down your child will feel a sence of accomplishment and achievement. They will also learn that practice makes perfect and that they won't be able to knock all the pins down om their first few goes. For very young children you can count how many pins have been knocked over

It is best to play bowling on a smooth, dry surface. 

Play from home with one of these great bowling sets from K's Kids and Kaper Kidz. 

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