Babyboo - Knitted Friends Rattle

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  • Babyboo - Knitted Friends Rattle


Babyboo - Knitted Friends

No matter who you are, a girl or boy, a woman or man, old or young, everyone likes soft plush toys.

Across generations and cultures, there’s simply no substitute for the power of soft toys. They influence so much of our early lives and it’s no wonder that they are a favourite play item.

Soft toys are much more that physical things to children as they fulfill many key functions in children’s lives.

Soft toys –

  • Provide support at bedtime. Some toys are known to ‘look after me’ when alone at night.
  • Make even nice situations more pleasant intensifying positive feelings.
  • Delivering comfort when sick, sad or insecure.
  • Promote security and confidence in new situations, like staying at a relatives house or travelling.
  • Function as a reliable playmate enabling a child to recreate experiences.

If you find that your child is making a particular toy their best friend – purchase another identical one so as to avoid a laundry melt-down.

Babyboo toys have embroidered safe eyes that won’t end up in your child’s mouth and are constructed ‘wire free’ with sturdy seams to keep everything in its place.

Never place a soft toy into a young babies crib, it may look cue but could become a suffocation hazard.

These cute plush toys features:

- 35cm tall (Large)

- 30cm tall (Small)

- Rattle

- Bright colours

- Soft & cuddly

- 100% Polyester

- Hand Wash Only


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