Balance Buddy - Balance Bike

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  • Balance Buddy
Available in a choice of 4 colours
  • Balance Buddy - Flash
  • Balance Buddy - Busy Bee
  • Balance Buddy - Iceberg
  • Balance Buddy - Polo
  • Balance Buddy
  • Balance Buddy - Balance Bike
  • Balance Buddy
  • Balance Buddy
Available in a choice of 4 colours
  • Balance Buddy - Flash
  • Balance Buddy - Busy Bee
  • Balance Buddy - Iceberg
  • Balance Buddy - Polo
  • Balance Buddy
  • Balance Buddy - Balance Bike
  • Balance Buddy


Balance Buddy – Balance Bike KB750

Loaded with features for safety and reliability Balance Buddy exceeds the highest EN71, Australian and New Zealand safety standards.

A balance bike is a fun way that your child can learn to master bike riding and develop gross motor skills such as balance, steering and co-ordination.

Balance Buddy is an easy to use no pedal, no brake bike designed for young children.

There are four basic skills entailed in riding a bike.

Balancing and steering are the trickiest ones to learn and once they are conquered,

pedalling and braking are easy to add on to your skill list when graduating to a pedal bike. Balance bikes recognise that it is easier to learn to balance before pedalling.

Once your child is tall enough to straddle the bike, sit on the seat at the lowest setting, with their legs slightly bent and their feet flat on the ground they can start to use it. This would be at around 18 months - 2 years of age.

At first, children learn to balance as they just scoot along the ground with their feet, Flintstone-style, in order to speed up and then raise their feet to coast along. To stop or to slow down they soon learn to drag their feet on the ground.

Very soon, most children will find their centre of balance and be confidently scooting around.

Steering is easy with a Balance Buddy. The steering bar does not fully rotate but is restricted. This makes keeping ‘on track’ a lot easier for beginner riders.

Engineered for high impact kid treatment with a durable frame from low maintenance materials and non-toxic BPA free plastic it will not rot, swell, splinter or rust. This is great feature if your child’s bike may be stored or ‘left’ where it not fully covered away from the elements.

Balance Buddy is extremely light weight (only 3.2kg) making it easy for beginners to ‘get going’ or to lift over obstacles. At this weight it is also light and easy to pop into the back of the car for fun at the park or to take to a friends house.

The robust design of Balance Buddy will carry riders of up to 27kg. Designed for fun this bike has light weight, low maintenance tyres of EVA polymer. No flats, no pumping just get on and go!

With rubber safety grips on the handlebars to avoid little hands from slipping and no sharp edges, parts or extruding screws Balance Buddy makes a perfect learning bike.

Balance Buddy is easy to assemble and tools needed are supplied. The tools are also used to adjust the bike as your child grows.

Balance Buddy has a low step over height and two adjustable handlebar heights and three adjustable seat heights making six size combinations that will accommodate children across several years.

Balance Buddy bikes are available in four fabulous colour choices – red & white, green & white, yellow & black and blue & white.

Always ensure that your child wears an Australian Standards approved helmet.

Your child will spend more time outside getting some excellent exercise, so get ready to run!


  • Range of colours
  • Lightweight – only 3.2Kg
  • Made from non toxic BPA Plastic
  • Engineered for high impact
  • Durable frame
  • Two adjustable handlebar heights
  • Three adjustable seat heights
  • Won’t rot, rust, warp or splinter
  • Promotes gross motor skills
  • Provides exercise
  • Non-slip safety grips on handle bar
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to assemble – tools included
  • Non-rotating handle bar to help keep direction
  • No sharp edges or protrusions
  • Complies with Australian and New Zealand Standards

Rider weight: up to 27kgs

Ages: 2 – 5 years

Warranty: 12months


  • Tyres: 10” EVA polymer
  • Seat height: 3 positions 28cm –  41cm
  • Seat: no padding
  • Handlebar height: 2 positions 51cm –  53cm
  • Handlebar grips: knobbly end
  • Bolts: recessed


Red & white - Flash

Blue & white - Iceberg

Green & white - Polo

Yellow & black – Busy Bee

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