5 Christmas gifts that will get your family outdoors this Summer

5 Christmas gifts that will get your family outdoors this summer

Christmas time is fast approaching, and parents across the country are beginning to search for the perfect presents for their families.

For many Australians, making sure the kids outside this summer is a top priority, so we at Bubbalove have put together a list of some of the most popular outdoor toys to encourage the whole family to get out and make the most of the warmer weather.

Balance Teeter Popper

The Balance Teeter Popper by Fat Brain Toys is one of our most highly sought after sensory products for Christmas this year. Sure to spark your child’s curiosity and imagination, the innovative design can be used in an unlimited range of different ways – leaving it all in the child’s hands.

Fun and easy to use, the Teeter Popper helps to develop core strength, stability, coordination and gross motor skills. It can bear a weight of up to 50 kilos meaning it’s ideal for the bigger kids as well as the smaller ones, and there’s no wrong way to use it!

3-In-1 Balance Bikes

Help your little ones learn to master bike riding with a Wishbone 3-In-1 Balance Bike that will last your child throughout all of their early years.

Starting as a baby walker and push tricycle, the Balance Bike can then be converted into a small balance bike when your child is ready, and can also be transformed into one of the largest balance bikes on the market.

The concept behind the no-pedal and no-brake Balance Bike is to help young children to grow their gross motor skills such as balance and steering, before they hop onto a traditional bicycle. This extra practice helps to give them the confidence they need to ensure a smooth transition.

Bowling and Coits

For fun the whole family can enjoy, look no further than this beautifully decorated Bowling and Coits set from Kaper Kidz.

Perfect to take along to a picnic at the park or a day at the beach, or even in your very own backyard, this fun take on the traditional bowling and coits games is sure to get everyone in the family involved and having fun – and it’s an easy one for Santa Claus to carry on his sleigh!

Sand Play Set

A good set of beach toys are something every child needs in the summertime, and you won’t find a more perfect collection than the Sand Play Set by Green Toys.

Sturdy and solid, this sweet little four piece set will fit nicely under any Christmas tree, and includes a high quality pail, rake, shovel and a sandcastle mold. The Sand Play Set provides everything your child needs to start exploring at the beach and begin building sandcastles they can be proud of.


An Australian Christmas classic, our Genius SurroundSafe Octagonal Trampoline by TP Toys provides endless hours of summertime fun. Featuring an innovative new design, the super springy Genius SurroundSafe Octagonal Trampoline’s provides a soft yet energetic bounce with safety-enhancing shock absorption.

The frame is made from rustproof galvanized steel, and the fully enclosed trampoline features foam padding around the edges, meaning your children can bounce safely for years to come.

At Bubbalove, we stock a great range of children’s toys and accessories to help your child learn and grow. To find out more about our diverse range of products, visit the Bubbalove online store.

13th Nov 2017 Kellie G - The Content Collective

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