Age appropriate chores for children and tips.

Kids doing chores around the home is as old at time, chores can greatly benefit children mentally, socially and physically. 

Choose chores that are within your childs capability otherwise it can be frustrating or even dangerous for them. Some kids will naturally love doing chores while other may easily get bored and struggle with the concept. If your child is getting bored or frustrated try changing chores and use lots of encouragement. Avoid using chores as punishment, this can lead to your child avoided them and makes them see participating in chores as a negative experience. 

Giving young kids chores is not really about them directly helping you around the home but is more about teaching them to contribute and learn life skills. We all know that parents and adults can accomplish chores more effeciantly than a toddler but thats really not what it's all about. We've listed some popular chores for children up to 7 years. 

2 - 3 year olds

  • pick up toys
  • put dirty clothes in basket
  • undress and dress self (with assistance) 
  • wipe down chairs after a meal
  • assist with making their bed
  • help sort and fold dry washing pair socks together
  • collect mail & paper (under supervision)

4 - 5 year olds

  • set the table for family meals
  • help with food shopping, getting things off the self and putting them away at home
  • help wash the car (collect hose/buckets/sponges)

6 - 7 year olds

  • take out rubbish 
  • sweep floors/ pick up sweepings
  • wipe down benches and dust surfaces
  • put clean dishes away/ unstack dishwasher

Create a fun chart, table or cards to make picking and rotating chores fun and easy! Pinterest has loads of ideas 

15th Feb 2016 Rachel Noonan

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