How to ensure your back to school is a success

 Parents and guardians care deeply about their children and as such may worry about their progress, new beginnings or return to school. Fear less the school should keep you informed about how your child is doing, if they hold information nights make sure you attend and use the school website to inform yourself about how classes are run. As a parent it is your role to take up on the engagement schools make with your family to ensure you essentially enter a partnership with the school community. Remember your child’s teacher is available to chat with you about any concerns that you have, it’s natural as a parent to want to know how your child is doing. In amongst all this there is the huge task of finding supplies that will work effectively for children’s day at school. Here is where I can help reduce some of the work you have ahead in choosing a lunch box that actually works. Trust me I have tried and tested countless lunchboxes and drink bottles for my children and assisted my students in navigating what should be a simple task!

What lunch box will meet your child’s needs at school? 

• BPA free. This is NOT negotiable and should be noted on the product. This means it meets Australian standards and is a safe space for food to be stored.

• Sealed or air tight to ensure food remains fresher for longer. This should include lids that can be easily cleaned or removed for washing and drying. If you want the ultimate seal look at these reusable storage bags, they are not only environmentally friendly but also cost effective because unlike zip lock bags they can be used over and over again. In my experience as a teacher they have also been a life-saver when children drop their lunchbox and everything goes rolling out because the food is safely sealed and it can be easily picked up which means reduced stress, tears and hungry tummies!

• Multiple compartments that allow for a decent amount of food to be stored. For example older kids may require larger compartments than younger children.

• Dishwasher safe! At the end of a busy day its so good to be able to pop the lunchbox in with the dinner dishes and give it a good clean. Happy parents make happy kids. 

• Make sure the lunchbox has different lids for different areas that way if it is dropped not everything will fall out. Its also reduces sensory overload where the children look at the whole packed lunch and become overwhelmed. An insulated cover like the quality ones found here on bubbalove won’t ware out like cheaper ones and will provide safer conditions for food to be stored. Both my sons had their Bobble Art lunchboxes outlasted him, he outgrew the design as it was still going over four years on, and the insulation was still perfect so it was well worth the investment.

• Make sure you always have some freezer/cold fridge packs ready to add to the lunchbox. I always have at least 6-8 on hand ready add to the insulated bag even throughout winter. They also double up as the perfect size first aid pack which we all need in the house with children! I never used to add the cool packs to the lunch boxes until completing a healthy eating course I realised the importance of using cool packs to keep food fresh, safe for consumption and full of goodness. Check out these cool Kangaroo ones which my kids love because of course the Kangaroo is iconic to Australia.

 Parents and guardians care deeply about their children and as such may worry about their progress, new beginnings or return to school.

17th Jan 2018 Rachelle S

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