How to take care of kids clothes

So many parents wonder how best to take care of kids clothes. Children’s clothes tend to get dirtier than adults’ clothes, so knowing a few cleaning tricks can help make them last and make the laundry routine easier. From how to store clothes properly to how to clean suede shoes, find a few tips below.

Treat stains straight away

Dirt, grass, food – kids’ clothes get covered in stains on a daily basis. The most important thing is to treat stains immediately. Once it’s been sitting in a laundry basket for a couple of days, it’s going to be so much harder to shift. Use a stain pre-treater before washing straight away and chances are it’ll come right out, so you won’t have to throw the item away.

Always read the care instructions

Most kids’ clothes are easy to clean, and you’ll help the colour stay fresher for longer by washing whites, lights and darks separately. But whenever you buy a new piece it’s always worth checking the label to ensure there aren’t any special care instructions.

Certain fabrics, like silk or suede, need specialist cleaning methods. This might involve taking fancy silk party clothes to the dry cleaners, or doing it yourself at home once you’ve researched proper techniques, like learning how to clean suede shoes using a special brush.

Keep them neatly stored

It’s not just the way you clean your children’s clothes that helps them last; it’s also how you store them. Stuffing clothes into overfull drawers can stretch, wrinkle or damage them. It can also mean that your kids just pick out the item on the top, as they can’t easily see what else is in there.

This means certain pieces get worn again and again (and get worn out quicker), while others never make it out. Only fill drawers halfway to make it easier to lay clothes flat and search through. Or use open shelves or transparent boxes to make it easier to see what’s there. And don’t forget to keep big coats and delicate fabric clothes in protective bags if they’re not worn often.

Quality clothes save you money in the long run

Buying cheap children’s clothing is often a false economy. As you’ll be washing them frequently, kids’ clothes need to be made of quality materials that are put together well in order to stand up to constant cleaning.

Cheap clothes will fade and become misshapen quickly, meaning you’ll have to buy replacements. Making the investment in quality brands will save you money in the long run as you won’t have to replace them. And you can hand them down to your younger kids or friends.

How to pre-treat common stains before washing

Fruit: rinse with cold running water and rub with laundry detergent.

Grass: spray with a solution of water and vinegar and rub.

Chewing gum: freeze with an ice cube and then scrape off.

Ink: blot with a cloth, then rub with a soap bar and rinse with cold water.

Blood: rub with a salt and water paste, then rinse witth cold water.

Grease: apply dishwashing liquid or detergent and rub.

13th Feb 2017 Joana Teixeira

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