Blue Eagle Games - Animals ABC Puzzle

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  • Blue Eagle Games - Animals ABC Strip Jigsaw Puzzle


Blue Eagle Games – Animals ABC Jigsaw Puzzle

This detailed and beautifully illustrated strip jigsaw puzzle will be a popular addition to your child’s puzzle box.

The completed puzzle measures more than 2 metre long and 13cm wide and each piece is made from thick durable board.

Each letter displays a 3D holographic effect, changing colour when viewed from different angles.

Working on and solving puzzles provides children with very many skills.

Challenging their memory, problem solving and learning how to manipulate and turn pieces around so that they fit and finding the exact piece for a space are all helpful physical and cognitive benefits.

Jigsaw puzzles also challenge and develop children’s emotional skills as they require quiet patience and goal setting. Furthermore, they help children to discern when to ask for assistance if it is needed.


  • Colourful 3D effect
  • 117 pieces
  • Beautifully illustrated
  • Provides alphabet/animal names learning opportunity
  • Physical and cognitive skill development opportunity
  • Hand eye co-ordination practice


  • Physical -- from holding puzzle pieces and turning them until they fit
  • Cognitive -- as they solve difficulties completing the puzzle
  • Emotional -- they learn patience and feel rewarded when they complete it

Dimensions: 216 x 13.5cm

Ages: 3+ years

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