New Entertainment Games - Build a Beetle

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  • New Entertainment Games - Build a Beetle
  • New Entertainment Games - Build a Beetle
  • New Entertainment Games - Build a Beetle
  • New Entertainment Games - Build a Beetle


New Entertainment – Build a Beetle

This is a fun, easy to learn and play game for children aged from four years.

With a playing time of around 20-30 minutes, Build a Beetle is fantastic as a first game where children can learn general board game rules such as – deciding who goes first, taking turns and the concept of chance. The straightforward game keeps direct competition and the chance of an ‘upset’ to a minimum, while the luck involved in rolling the dice can add a bit of suspense for all players.

The rules are easy to explain to children and for them to learn and to follow.

This game is also fantastic for practicing number recognition and counting. Children can work out which number they need to throw in order to win. At the same time they will learn to be patient as they wait for their turn and the opportunity to throw their  ‘needed’ winning number.

The game rules can be adapted to suit the ages, attention spans and concentration levels within your family. The basic rules are printed on the storage box.

In the basic game the youngest player goes first. All pieces are placed into the holding tray.

Throw a 1 – Choose a body

Throw a 2 – Add a head

Throw a 3 – Add a feeler (if you already have a head!)

Throw a 4 – Add an eye (if you already have a head!!)

Throw a 5 – Add a nose (if you have that elusive head!)

Throw a 6 – Add a leg. Your rules will apply as to when legs can be added.

The first player to complete their beetle is the winner!

Build a Beetle can be used to stimulate interest in the natural world. Family discussion around the game board can inform children about interesting insect facts such as insects have six legs and separate body parts.

Build a Beetle is compact, easy to set up and to play. It can bring out and foster the competitiveness.

Good value as birthday gifts or even as a ‘Pass the Parcel’ prize!

A fun game and an old favourite that is easy to play with the whole family.


4 beetle bodies, 4 heads, 4 noses, 8 eyes, 8 antennae, 24 legs, 1 dice, 1 holding tray.


  • Fun and attractive
  • Portable
  • Short playing time
  • Practices number identification
  • Enhances fine motor skills

Dimensions: 27 x 27 x 7cm (box)

Playing time: 20-30mins

Players: 2 - 4

Age: 4+ years

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