Wishbone - Cruise

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  • Wishbone Cruise
  • Wishbone Cruise
  • Wishbone Cruise
  • Wishbone Cruise
easy to assemble
  • Wishbone Cruise
Adjustable seat
  • Wishbone Cruise
  • Wishbone Cruise
  • Wishbone Cruise
  • Wishbone Cruise
easy to assemble
  • Wishbone Cruise
Adjustable seat


Wishbone – Cruise 

The Wishbone Cruise is a beautifully styled balance bike reminiscent of the elegant 1950’s motorcycle scene. It has an elegant profile and white walled pheumatic tyres.

A balance bike is a fun way that your child can learn to master bike riding and develop gross motor skills such as balance, steering and co-ordination.

Wishbone Cruise is an easy to use no pedal, no brake bike designed for young children.

There are four basic skills entailed in riding a bike.

Balancing and steering are the trickiest ones to learn and once they are conquered,

pedalling and braking are easy to add on to your skill list when graduating to a pedal bike. Balance bikes recognise that it is easier to learn to balance before pedalling.

Once your child is tall enough to straddle the bike and sit on the seat at its lowest setting, with their legs slightly bent and their feet flat on the ground they can start to use it. This would be at around 2 years of age.

At first, children learn to balance as they just scoot along the ground with their feet, Flintstone-style, in order to speed up and then raise their feet to coast along. To stop or to slow down they soon learn to drag their feet on the ground.

Very soon, most children will find their centre of balance and be confidently scooting around.

Wishbone Cruise is a lightweight hybrid of the popular Wishbone wooden bikes and Wishbone recycled bikes. The front frame and seat mount are made from kiln dried wood while the back frame is made from recycled carpet! With 35.5cm (14”) wheels made from 60% recycled plastic and with packaging made from re-cycled card this bike is eco-friendly and safe for your growing child.

All parts / replacement parts are available separately so while it may sound expensive up-front a Wishbone Bike is a lasting investment that and with an adjustable seat height ranging from 31cm to 40cm it can be ‘handed down’ to siblings.

Wishbone Cruise is light and maneuverable making it easy to carry, store indoors and put in the car boot.

Always ensure that your child wears an Australian Standards approved helmet.

Your child will spend more time outside, so get ready to run!


  • Designed to last your child for a long time
  • Designed to last and be ‘handed down’
  • Stylish design and white walled tyres
  • Pneumatic rubber tyres for a smooth ride – 35.5cm diameter
  • Rubber non-slip handle grips
  • Non-toxic inks
  • Made from plantation birch and eucalyptus and recycled materials
  • Indoor storage advised
  • Replacement parts available
  • Meets US, EU, Australian and NZ safety standards

Warranty: 5 year limited

Ages: 2 – 5 years

Weight – Bike: 3.8kg

Seat Height: 31cm –  40cm

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Warranty Information

1 Year
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